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Sep 12 / Shanliang

Extension: Semestral Course. English 1C – Class on September 13th

Hello, everyone!

The classroom for the class on September 13th is 202, Posgrados de Ciencias Humanas building.

See you in class.

Aug 28 / Shanliang

Computer Lab. English 1A: August 28th.

Hello, guys!

Some exercises for you to practice.

All topics

Possessive Adjectives

Indefinite Article A/An


Present Simple

And you finished. Good job! :)

Aug 15 / Shanliang

New English File Intermediate

Hello, everyone!

Here’s at your disposal the New English File Intermediate.


Apr 22 / Shanliang

American English File 1 – Workbook and Class Audio

UPDATE: Added a Dropbox link for the Workbook

Hello, guys.

I’m posting here the Workbook that I promised. Print Units 1, 2 and 3 for English 1A.


Option 1: American English File 1 – Workbook Mediafire

Option 2: American English File 1 – Workbook Dropbox

And this file contains all the class audio files (mp3) that we use in class with the Student’s Book.

Download: American English File 1 – Class Audio

See you in class!